Monday, April 2, 2012

Glove Box Organization

While checking out Pinterest the other day, I ran across a pin titled "10 Simple Organizing Projects". I was intrigued. I scrolled through all the good ideas and then got to #6... Organizing Your Glove Box. Hmmmm! I honestly had never thought of that.

I went to my glove box and saw it was full of shoved in napkins, ketchup packets and oh yes.... the insurance and registration must be in there somewhere, right? (Um, true story- a few weeks ago we had to buy a new car. The dealership needed proof of insurance and guess what?? There was not an insurance card to be found! Yep, NO PROOF OF INSURANCE!! What was totally ironic was that we were buying a new car from a previous one that was totaled by someone with no proof of insurance. Thankfully our insurance company faxed one over to the dealership and we were ok for the drive home. And yes, I drove super slow!) Anyhow, I never liked that the "important" information just floated around in there anyhow, but never thought of actually organizing the thing.

So tonight, I did. While at the Dollar Store the other day, I picked up 2 plastic expandable folders (one for each car). I then labeled the areas, "Insurance Card," "Registration" (here in TN we are required to have it with us) and because I'm super paranoid, I added an "In Case of Emergency" list of important phone numbers. (I listed my husbands cell, our parents numbers and a few local friends (since our family isn't local). Now I realize you may say, "But Sarah? What if your car gets stolen- do you really want this info out there?" Well, that's a good question, but I'm also the freak that thinks "What if I get into a wreck, I'm unconscious and the police need an emergency contact?" So I guess that part is up to your discretion. Personally, I'd rather take the chance and have it in case the police need it. Though I'm sure my husband would disagree. )

I honestly can say, that just doing that little bit helps me feel better. Just knowing that I no longer have to dig in  the glove box for the insurance card is so nice! (Not that it happens very often... knock on wood- I haven't gotten a speeding ticket since I was 16. Not that I speed! I'm a mom of almost 3 in a minivan- seriously- I drive like a grandma).

Next, I want to create her #7, Creating A Sick Stash. We are rarely sick, but when we are- there's no chance I can "run out" to the store to get this stuff. We usually suffer until my husband (who has gotten 74 "can you grab this" texts) gets home. This would be SOOOO much easier!!!

Happy Organizing! 

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  1. Great idea! Congrats on the new car!