Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Bzzagent Review- DohVinci, by the makers of Playdoh

I recently joined a social marketing company, called BzzAgent. They send me free products to try and I try them out and review them for all of you. I love trying new products, don't you??

My next #getitfree awesome product was actually for our 7 year old daughter. I was sent a DohVinci Flower Tower and Deluxe Styler. As soon as I opened the box- well, you could hear her glee!

I made her wait until her brothers were in bed before she could use it. Let's just say she was very helpful in getting them in bed that night! Once they were in bed.... she went for it. This is really a cool and fun thing to play with! Look at all those fun colors! And the styler had 4 designs she could make as well... a flower, butterfly, heart and star.

And away she went! Squeezing, decorating, creating..... I love it!

Since she was the one using the product- I did a little interview with her......

What do you think about this product? 
It's very cool!

What is your favorite part? 
Squirting the playdoh

Is it easy to use? 
yes, very!

Is it fun? 
Yes, definitely!

Do you think other girls your age would like it? 
Yes! I think all of my friends would love it.

What is your favorite color to use? 
the light pink, hot pink and blue

Are there any parts about it that you don't like? 
Definitely not.

What else? 
It's cool that playdoh makers made this. Its fun and play-doh-y

So there you have it... out of the mouth of babes.

Her finished result- a very colorful photo frame! She chose a picture of a sea lion and 2 photos of herself for the frame. I had to shrink these down and then I printed them on our home computer.

Now my review- as a parent:

-This was super simple to use. I literally opened the box and she did the rest. No having to "figure it out" or "teaching" involved. She could open every top, squeeze out every tube and change each shape. It's simple, clear and incredibly easy.

-Once dry, the colors remained vivid and pretty. A lot of time the air will darken the vibrancy, but not with this.

-It's not messy in the least. The playdoh squirts out extremely easy. This is a "no disaster created" type project. I love those!

-The only con I can think of is what do I do with the plastic styler now? The playdoh tubes were used up. Obviously the frame is used.... all that remains is the styler. I'm sure I could just trash it, but I hate wasting things. Maybe you can buy just the tubes and a new product, I'm not sure. But having the styler hanging around is just one more thing to store. I know that sounds lame, but I'm trying to review this from all angles.

I should mention that my boys are currently using our 2 stylers as guns- so I guess that counts as reusing, right?

-I think this is a great product. It's fun and easy, perfect for a 7 year child. In fact, I think I will put this on our "birthday gift ideas" list. Anyone her age would love it. It's mess free and easy to use- any mom would approve of it. I haven't check it out in store yet- so I don't know what the price range is. But when I do- I'll update with that.

But as far as I can tell- this is a winner! Thanks Bzzagent!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

BzzAgent Review- Coppertone's Clearly Sheer Sunscreen

I recently joined a social marketing company, called BzzAgent. They send me products to try and I try them out and review them for all of you. I love trying new products, don't you??

Now this one, This one I've been saving and taking my time to review it. Why? Because it's sunscreen!!?

I am a confessed whitey. Yeah, back in ol' college days I was embarrassed by it and even took to a {gasp!} tanning bed from time to time. I don't know when it happened, but one day I just said, "You know what? Who cares!" and I embraced my whiteness.

That being said, I'm not super obsessive with sunscreen. I don't wear it every day. It's not an added ingredient in any of my makeup. And if it's after 3 or 4pm- when the sun is on it's way down- I don't lather up. But if I know I'm going to be outside during the suns peak- yeah- I'm smart about it and wear sunscreen. Burned, peeling skin is just not cool.

So when I got this campaign to review- I made sure to take my time trying it out all summer long- on both myself and our kids.

I tried it on the kids in the backyard..... 
(it was slathered under the shaving cream :) ..............

....when we went to the pool......

....and most recently under the harsh rays of the beach....... 
(yes, he wears underwear as his swim trunks. sigh)

Each time I love, love, loved this sunscreen.

Here's why:
  • It goes one easy and absorbs fast... I should say without the nerdy white marks all over your body
  • It stays on. Like anything, you need to be smart and reapply after a gazillion waves plow you over, but other than that, we put it on once and didn't think about it again.
  • It has a great scent. I happen to love the normal sunscreen smell, but for those of you who don't- this is way lighter. You get a hint of the scent, but it doesn't knock you out. 
  • While the bottle doesn't mention it, it is water resistant. In the backyard and pool, we never had to reapply. At the beach we did, but that because it's the beach and you should always reapply there. 
I got to try out both the spray and regular cream-type kind. And in both 30 spf and 50 spf. I'm a spray kind of gal- and this worked great. It covered evenly and I was able to reach places like my back, all by myself. The cream was great too. 

For the most part, I used the 30 spf for the backyard and pool and the 50 spf at the beach. Again, those harsher rays! But that was just me, you obviously could use whatever you want, where ever you want. 

And for those of you who do like a little sun- just not the burn. Have no fear. This keeps out the burning rays and yet lets some skin in to give you a little color. I'm proud to say that we all came away from a full week at the beach, all with a little color, and not a single sunburn. Now that's impressive! 

So if you are in the market for a new sunscreen, give this one a try. We really liked it! Let me know if you do too! 

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Rock Island, Tennessee

We try to get out and do something as a family every Saturday. Whether it's a bike ride, swimming at the pool or a day trip. We know that soon these little ones will grow up, be involved in sports or clubs and then life will be pretty hectic. So until then, we try to squeeze in as much family time as we can.

I recently saw this article about Tennessee waterfalls and knew this had to be one of our trips. We chose Rock Island, Tennessee mainly because it was the closest and the hikes were kid friendly too.

We had to drive around a bit to find what we wanted. And we did stumble upon a small trail that lead to the Twin Falls. The trail was only a half mile, but it was pretty steep. It was narrow, wet and rocky, so if you go with children- be careful! But it was really neat.

On the way down we came across this small beauty....

The kids liked sitting on a rock and watching it. Moss covered rocks are just so cool. I really wanted to scoop up that moss. But I wasn't sure how to get it home without it drying out (I didn't have a plastic bag with me, mental note for next time, or is that illegal?? I have no idea).

The trail did lead to rocks and pools that were perfect for swimming. In fact people were coming down the trail in droves with swimsuits on, towels, and even swim noodles. We missed that part, but apparently it's the happening place. We didn't think we would do that this time around. But maybe next trip!

It was hard to get any pictures because I was carrying our 2 year old. But you can see the trail was rocky and full of roots. It was really kind of neat. And I'm shocked I didn't topple over carrying my added weight!

We hiked back up the trail, trying to figure out how to get closer to the falls when a park ranger pulled up. Ah, Mr. Park Ranger! You saved us! He explained how to get closer to the falls and a few other things. Thank you!!

Now this was more like it. We were standing on a bridge that went over the river, and it was the prefect place to see Twin Falls.

You weren't allowed to swim in the area under the falls because the water is too fast. But lots of people we watching it from the rocks (we didn't hike down there). There were also some kayakers going down, and they were fun to watch as well. Kayaking- I just don't know how people do it!!

On the other side of the bridge.... a pretty river area and I'm assuming an electric plant.

We had to watch the little one on the bridge!

By this point the kids wanted to get wet. We weren't convinced of their sturdiness on the rocks, so we drove over to a beach area. This was another hot spot as it was filled with people. All these hidden gems that we knew nothing about!

I had brought everyone some water shoes and a change of clothes, but we didn't bring swimsuits. So we let them wade a bit on the shoreline. It was really rocky, so I was glad we had the extra shoes! The baby was so excited to wear shoes in the water- that's why he's lifting up his foot. he's saying, "Shoes! See?!"

After this, we headed home. We had two very tired boys and a girl who was borderline as well. As it turned out, she was the first asleep on the drive home. The boys didn't fall too far behind.

Anyhow, it was a wonderful day trip. If you are in the area, I highly suggest you stop by this lovely State Park. I know we'll be going back!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

BzzAgent Review- DreamWalk High Heel Insoles

I recently joined a social marketing company, called BzzAgent. They send me products to try and I try them out and review them for all of you. I love trying new products, don't you??

I got to review a pair of Dreamwalk High Heel Insoles.

I was pretty excited about this one. I used to wear heels all the time.... until I was pregnant and had kids. Walking around in heels just didn't seem to work for me as I was hauling children into and out of church. So I tucked them away and waited for the day I could pull them out again.

So when I got these insoles, I mentally decided which pair of heels I was going to wear on Sunday and couldn't wait. (Sorry, I only wear fancy shoes to church- during the week I'm a sneaker or flip flop kind of gal). Sunday came, I went to my closet to pull out my heels......and...... nothing.

Where in the world were all of my heels??

I must have gotten rid of them and forgot? Is that even possible?? I looked everywhere. No heels.


Imagine my disappointment!!!!

I had one pair left.... these red peep toes. And they are barely a heel- measuring at around 2 inches.

My daughter modeled them for me.

But that's all there were- I still can't believe that I would have gotten rid of all my heels?? I'm sure I didn't. But since I have no memory of doing anything with them, and there aren't any in my closet, I have to assume that's true.

Anyhow- I slip the insoles into them and moved on with my life.

I had to adjust them a few times but once I got them right, they were great. I wore them all around our 3 hours of church and even took off running after a child at one point and I never had a problem.

Now granted, these aren't super high heels- but for the 2 inches these were- I loved them. And would use them again and again. They had a high arch support- which is great for me because I have high arches. There was also a lot of padding at the bottom and heel areas. And they were super thin too- I was surprised by that.

Now I need to go buy more heels.... darn it... I hate it when that happens. But if you are a heel wearer, and haven't' misplaced them all (???... still puzzled....) then I would highly recommend these insoles. No one will even know you have them on and your feet will thank you for it later!