Friday, September 26, 2014

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Thursday, June 19, 2014

*Rock Island, Tennessee

We try to get out and do something as a family every Saturday. Whether it's a bike ride, swimming at the pool or a day trip. We know that soon these little ones will grow up, be involved in sports or clubs and then life will be pretty hectic. So until then, we try to squeeze in as much family time as we can.

I recently saw this article about Tennessee waterfalls and knew this had to be one of our trips. We chose Rock Island, Tennessee mainly because it was the closest and the hikes were kid friendly too.

We had to drive around a bit to find what we wanted. And we did stumble upon a small trail that lead to the Twin Falls. The trail was only a half mile, but it was pretty steep. It was narrow, wet and rocky, so if you go with children- be careful! But it was really neat.

On the way down we came across this small beauty....

The kids liked sitting on a rock and watching it. Moss covered rocks are just so cool. I really wanted to scoop up that moss. But I wasn't sure how to get it home without it drying out (I didn't have a plastic bag with me, mental note for next time, or is that illegal?? I have no idea).

The trail did lead to rocks and pools that were perfect for swimming. In fact people were coming down the trail in droves with swimsuits on, towels, and even swim noodles. We missed that part, but apparently it's the happening place. We didn't think we would do that this time around. But maybe next trip!

It was hard to get any pictures because I was carrying our 2 year old. But you can see the trail was rocky and full of roots. It was really kind of neat. And I'm shocked I didn't topple over carrying my added weight!

We hiked back up the trail, trying to figure out how to get closer to the falls when a park ranger pulled up. Ah, Mr. Park Ranger! You saved us! He explained how to get closer to the falls and a few other things. Thank you!!

Now this was more like it. We were standing on a bridge that went over the river, and it was the prefect place to see Twin Falls.

You weren't allowed to swim in the area under the falls because the water is too fast. But lots of people we watching it from the rocks (we didn't hike down there). There were also some kayakers going down, and they were fun to watch as well. Kayaking- I just don't know how people do it!!

On the other side of the bridge.... a pretty river area and I'm assuming an electric plant.

We had to watch the little one on the bridge!

By this point the kids wanted to get wet. We weren't convinced of their sturdiness on the rocks, so we drove over to a beach area. This was another hot spot as it was filled with people. All these hidden gems that we knew nothing about!

I had brought everyone some water shoes and a change of clothes, but we didn't bring swimsuits. So we let them wade a bit on the shoreline. It was really rocky, so I was glad we had the extra shoes! The baby was so excited to wear shoes in the water- that's why he's lifting up his foot. he's saying, "Shoes! See?!"

After this, we headed home. We had two very tired boys and a girl who was borderline as well. As it turned out, she was the first asleep on the drive home. The boys didn't fall too far behind.

Anyhow, it was a wonderful day trip. If you are in the area, I highly suggest you stop by this lovely State Park. I know we'll be going back!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Lessons in Character- Creativity, part 3 of 3


We got pretty busy with friends and water activities this week, so we only did 3 days of our character qualities. It actually worked out great because it didn't overwhelm anyone (including myself!) but yet provided some fun activities when things got boring.

Again, we started off by talking about the word CREATIVITY, reviewing what it means and how was can use and find it in our lives. For day one- click here, for day two- click here.

Our project was simply painting rocks. I had hopes of family walks, in which they would gather their own, but that never happened. So I just grabbed some on walks I took throughout the week.

At first, our 3 year old was cranky about it. But after he started painting, he said, "Mom, I'm sorry I screamed at you about painting rocks. I like painting rocks!" Awh, such a sweetheart.

Aside from the actual painting, their plates of paint, when mixed together, of course formed other colors. So we were able to talk about that and how there are endless colors, ideas and really there is no end to creativity! It comes in many, many shapes and forms... from story books, to paintings, from building designs to all the gorgeous landscapes across the world. The world is really one gigantic piece of the Lord's creativity.

Once they were dry, they put all the ricks in my garden. It's fun having a little added color in there. And it's been fun listening to them talk about CREATIVITY all week. Just bits here and there in conversation. I know we didn't go into great depths about it, but just planting a little seed gets them thinking and I love watching that seed grow.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Lessons in Character- Creativity, part 2 of 3

I am starting a bit of a structured Summer Fun series this year. Each week we focus on a character word and add in fun lessons and fun activities. These are very short lessons, meant to be a little fun and a little different. This keeps their brains moving, but also provides relief from the summer heat and boredom. For more on this, click here

For Creativity, part 1- click here

The next day I thought it would be fun to do some canvas paintings.

We started the day by reviewing our word and asking them what they thought about it, what it means, etc.

Then the fun started.

I had each child put tape or reinforcements on a piece of canvas, then we painted over them, so when it dried and we removed the tape, there would be a white area. The kids each loved this one.

In the end, our son painted the whole thing blue and didn't want to take his dots off. And our daughter's was a purple masterpiece. Each finished painting hangs in their rooms- and they are so proud of it!!

To increase our creative side, I added some shaving cream to their slip n slide. They thought I was crazy..... but they loved every minute of it.

During lunch we reviewed anything we talked about yesterday and also reviewed the 1st Article of Faith.

And of course, any opportunity I got, I talked about how they are creative and how when they draw something, or write something, its never wrong. And also when we do something ,we don't need to compare ourselves to others because we are all creative in different ways. I think they got this message because, later on when they were drawing, they kept complimenting each other- no matter what was actually on the paper. This made me smile.